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Exhibit design offers the greatest opportunity to improve the health of your employees, clients and the planet. We have developed a wide variety of booth design solutions, and have identified more than 200 sustainable, non-toxic, materials to use for building custom exhibits.

The superior nature of our green exhibits gives your booth representatives a competitive edge. Rather than having to perform in spite of being surrounded by toxic gases from the materials usually used to create booths, your employees can maintain optimal well-being while presenting your products and services to potential clients.

Some of the key products we've researched and chosen for exhibit design include:

   Cotton Canvas

   Recycled Biodegradable plastics

   Natural Muslin

   Recycled Papers of all kinds

   Hemp Fabrics and Carpets

   Water-based Glues and Adhesives

   Recycled Cardboard Furniture

   Water-based Wood Filler

   Solar Power Sources

   Backlit Graphics on Glass instead of acrylic


This is an area that truly requires forethought, creativity, materials knowledge/experience, and designers who understand our company's and our client's commitment to the environment.  With these practices we are able to conceive and achieve exhibits that will withstand the most stringent scrutiny. 

For more information on the negative aspects of traditional booths, read  "An Inconvenient Booth" by Exhibitor Magazine.

Find Exhibitor Magazine here.

Or learn more about Green Materials on our site.

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