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The ecological goals of the user are critical to making an eco-responsible decision concerning signage. Therefore, we offer several possibilities and explain the positive and negative impacts of each approach.

Digital Sign Approach
A digital approach involves signage displayed through the use of plasma screens, LCD screens, or LED media which display a computer generated graphic. These screens can be displayed in horizontal or vertical format.  LCD and Plasma screens are typically available in sizes up to 60” and LEDs are unlimited in size. These can be hung from the ceiling, ground supported or mixed with traditional scenic elements.

The advantage of changing graphics and adding video media to the sign is very appealing. The screens are 100% reusable for their expected lifespan of 7 years. At the end of this lifespan, there is a downside. Currently there is a problem with the disposal of CRTs, plasma cores, and LCD screens. In addition, these units consume fossil fuels, are made with plastics, and pollute substantial quantities of water during the manufacturing process.

 Recyclable Sign Approach
The second approach is one that we’ve used more recently. Through our research and development, we have adopted the use of numerous superbly eco-conscious products and put several significant processes into our manufacturing facility.

 Green Globe Productions has made it a priority to determine ways of doing traditional large-format printing utilizing recycled and recyclable materials. Toward this end, we recommend the following products made from 100% recycled polypropylene: 

Eco-Poly Gloss Indoor/Outdoor Banner provides a true photographic look and feel, a rare feature in most banners. This banner material is bright white, specifically designed for long term indoor signage, short term outdoor signage, banner stands, and point of purchase displays.

• UltraRecPhoto or UltraRec Photo Gloss polypropylene w/ PSA is engineered to resist tearing and splitting, making it an ideal substitute for paper. This product is backed with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that is perfect for producing large format graphics.

 • ECOTOUGH, a water-resistant self-adhesive polypropylene is a 6-mil, adhesive-backed film perfect for mounted applications to any substrate. Create spectacular, high-impact graphics, including short-term signage applications that will last up to eight months outdoors without laminating. ECOTOUGH technology makes the material easier to handle, and adds scratch and weather resistance.

For more resources and information about creating your eco-responsible event, call 1-888-806-2593 today !  

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